The Process

step one 

Meet and review your overall financial picture and goals
There is no cost for this initial 1-hour meeting as we get to know each other and determine how we would like to work together.
 step two 

We review your information and make recommendations 
This will range across a wide variety of financial topics including: budgeting, risk management/insurance, investments, tax considerations, and planning for retirement, education, estate, etc.

 step three 

We help you implement the recommendations. We believe that serving you is our business. Maintaining a solid partnership with you helps ensure we can adapt to the changes in the environment or your goals.  This includes quarterly or semi-annual checks for updates or changes.  Feel free to contact us anytime you have a financial decision, so we can help ensure you have wisely evaluated the options available.
 Money value savings

 We allow our clients to choose

how we work together

This empowers you to select the method you are most comfortable with and will provide you the most value.

The initial one-hour meeting is provided complimentary as we get to know each other and determine if we are a good fit for your needs.
  • If you choose to pay hourly our rate for financial planning and investment advice is $200 per hour.
  • If you select assets under management (AUM) fee our rate is 1% per year (minimum$500) on assets up to $1,000,000. Negotiable for assets above $1,000,000.
  • If you select an fixed insurance product that has a built-in commission where we are paid the commission,  no additional charges apply for the time associated with that product.
Family viewing sunset over Puget Sound
 Our experience has shown the clients we serve best have the following qualities:
Value our work together

Our clients trust their financial advisor to help them make wise choices.

Desire to become better financial stewards

Our community of clients appreciate and are willing to learn from the advice of an expert.

Value planning

They are willing to wait to full fill their desires; they work with us to establish spending, saving, insurance, and investment plans.

Accept responsibility

Our clients work with us to establish plans to ensure their family is provided for whatever comes.

Are goal setters

All of our clients realize that achieving their goals requires money and planning.

Are individuals who can handle the truth

Our clients want to hear the truth from us no matter what.

Get joy from giving
Our clients want to to be able to confidently give toward what is important to them.

Are people, just like you

Our clients are regular people who desire to make wise choices with what they have.