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Planning Your Future

 Essentials, Goals and Financial Planning 

Spending Plan/Budget

Provides a foundational element for financial planning.  We have a proven method that is flexible, and simple to implement for your success.

Emergency Fund

Your first line of defense to ensure your financial plan does not become derailed. We will help you identify an appropriate amount for your emergency fund and can recommend where to place these funds.

Debt and Student Loans

Develop a plan with you to pay off debts so you can be free from this burden to focus on blessing your family and others. We can also help you evaluate mortgages, refinance opportunities, and student loan payment plans (Link

Financial Planning

Identifies a path to implement and monitor to get you from where you are to achieving your financial goals.  We offer comprehensive financial planning or specific topic plans depending on your needs. 

Retirement Planning

Identifies resources needed, and the types of assets to match your needs and comfort with risk. We also will work with you during distribution looking to match the outflows to your goals and with an eye to managing taxes.

Education Planning

Determine what amount and type of education saving makes sense for your family - Roth IRA, Coverdell, 529 Savings Plan, etc.

Small Business Planning

Help evaluate business opportunities and operations, pricing, and succession planning. We can also work with you to establish retirement plans and insurance for you and your employees.

Legacy & Estate Planning
Partner with you and your Estate and/or Charitable giving attorney and CPA to increase the power of your assets, limit taxes, and provide protection.

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Creating Security (Insurance)


Life Insurance

Providing your family with financial security and the ability to maintain the standard of living you are accustomed to is a value we share.  We specialize in term life insurance with access to multiple companies to get you a great value with a strong company. We also assist clients with permanent life insurance if you want this and if other tax-advantaged products are funded.

Disability Income Insurance

We can help you select individual and/or group policies to ensure your ability to provide income to your family if you become disabled.

Long-Term Care Insurance

We can help you select from traditional long-term care  (LTC) insurance policies, annuities, or life insurance with long-term care benefits, to provide resources for the care you would want (in-home, assisted living, or nursing home care).

Overall Insurance Review

We work with you and your agent or broker to review your insurance needs and can help evaluate policies to determine which fits your needs well (auto, homeowners, renters, recreational vehicle, umbrella, etc).

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Your money working for you

Investment Advice

Working with you to identify your financial goals including time frames and resources and ability and willingness to live with risk. You determine the frequency of reviews.  Based upon this we determine asset allocations and appropriate products for each goal using tax advantage products when possible (Roth IRA, Traditional IRA, 401(k), 403(b), annuities, etc). We identify investments that have shown solid long-term historical performance relative to their peers after expenses looking primarily at:

· Historical performance with a greater focus on 10 years, 15 year,s and life of the security.

· Diversification.

· Competitive pricing.

· Manager longevity and experience through a variety of markets.

Investment Management for Advisory Clients

For Investment Advisory Clients we also reallocate and rebalance portfolio allocations when they are outside of the targets. Recommendations are also mindful of tactical adjustments to take advantage of market and economic cycle information and fund performance. Reviews are typically quarterly or semi-annual and can also be as needed.

Past performance is not indicative of future results. There are risks involved with investing, including loss of principal and there is no assurance that funds will achieve their investment objectives. Diversification may not protect against market risk. Always refer to the product prospectus for complete information about a fund.


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